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hey im gaunting you ok 
Do you mean haunting
yeah sorry i don’t have any fingers
so im poltergeisting a stick to help me text this
Who is this?
oh sorry im a ghost

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After rewatching Nintendo and Sony's E3 press conferences* back to back, I still have a much better feeling after watching Nintendo's. Even though both had roughly the same level of not really announcing anything (no Last Guardian, no Zelda WiiU launch title (yes yes I'm greedy), too much hardware, not enough software), Nintendo just seems to better appreciate playing.

*I have no interest in Xbox games


May. 30th, 2012 11:05 pm
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D: I got a mailer from IpleHouse for their new Elemental Guardian, YID Bianca. She is a lovely doll with an AWESOME HAWT CYBORG BODY. But she comes with this K-Drama SF-ish backstory that... well, I think someone obviously tried their best on it, I think, but it completely ruins her forever for me. I would never be able to look at her without thinking of that horrible backstory and cringing.

It was the same way with Ringdoll's Norman. A perfectly handsome boy until you read his official backstory from the company and o_O DO NOT LET HIM NEAR MY KIDS.

I'm so glad Isar didn't come with any backstory other than "Elemental Guardian of Fire" so that I had absolutely no problems making her into Zelda. :x
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woot, this finally came back in stock at Kinokuniya. I snapped it up because the last time I saw it and didn't buy it, it was MONTHS before it showed up again.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

It's a little hard to read because the kanji mostly has no furigana and there's a lot of handwritten kanji to boot (although Arakawa-sensei's handwriting is not terrible) but the humor comes through just fine.

also at the bottom of each page is a little doodle that is a flip animation! WHEEE!
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Today I learned a valuable lesson in how to not be afraid of unfamiliar art supplies^_^ I also learned that sometimes that fear is justified, but you just have to keep trying again because eventually you'll succeed. Kind of like playing Legend of Zelda, actually.

Zelda's new ears! )

Apoxie Sculpt is without a doubt the hardest thing I have worked with (well, short of whittling). It comes out kind of... greyish (shoulda splurged for the SuperWhite) and takes acrylic color very very reluctantly while it's workable. And to add extra fun and excitement, there's a working time limit of about half an hour once the two parts are mixed together!=.=;

the stuff in question )

Also, adding color turns its texture from clay to... cookie dough, although from how some people were describing it I was sort of expecting cake batterXD Which sent me into PANIC MODE at first, but then I remembered that if I let it sit for a while it sort of calms down. However, TIME IS NOT SOMETHING YOU HAVE A LOT OF WHEN WORKING WITH EPOXY.=.=;

actually, when I don't color it, it's pretty nice to work with. sort of like a polymer clay texture. it smooths with water so I can get rid of fingerprints easily (a cotton bud dipped in water works nicely). It sets up opaque and plasticky, which I do not like. but it can be sanded.

So I'm going to leave the ears to cure overnight and tomorrow I will attempt to sand and paint them. I hope the points don't just fall off=.=; actually because I have to work quickly with the apoxie it doesn't take that long if I have to redo it (this is actually my THIRD attempt), butafahskasjlklfGAH.DX
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no new playlog updates because I haven't been, well, playing... I have been resting my arm before I reattempt the final boss battleXD

I've been thinking of doing an Ask Queen Zelda askblog on tumblr.XD I have no idea how they work, so I figure that just jumping in will be the best way lol~

Redid Link's faceup at my friend's house yesterday...... He somehow ended up looking younger. and the gloss took the blushing off his lips... I wonder if Mr Color products and Volks Finishing Spray simply do not get along? also the resin match is simply NOT THERE under natural light D: Custom House resin is FAR too yellow. But I'll have to wait till Zelda gets here before I can decide if I want to reblush Link's head to match or.... do something else:P

Zelda is still "Before Shipping". I wonder if the rarely requested skin color and faceup is holding her up.:( People who ordered after me are already getting shipping notices.):

My Links are just too cuteX3

(this was before Link's re-faceup. I need to get him back to looking like this.)
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we interrupt our regular playlog programming to bring you this urgent appeal:


...please? *Natsume eyes*
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TBH I don't know how to blog about this game anymore without massive spoilers.

I will just say that it is MASSIVELY UNFAIR WHIMPER ) Also, Bokoblins should NOT be given bows.
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I've updated my DW journal name to better reflect the content.:D
I also found where to update the mood themes.:D:D:D

Have a look, won't you?


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